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Redeem gift vouchers.

We offer two different types of gift vouchers, the classic paper gift voucher and the digital gift card.
And you can redeem both variants in our studio shop or online shop.

Which gift voucher is particularly suitable for which type of gift?

  • Personal delivery with the gift voucher in paper form.  

  • Immediately or by appointment as a gift by email with the digital gift card. 

Where can I buy the gift vouchers?


You can find both variants for ordering in our online shop under gift vouchers & Co.  or on site in our studio shop we can issue a gift voucher in paper form.

How do I redeem the gift vouchers?


  • Redeem in the studio shop. Please show the original at checkout when paying.

  • Redeem in the online shop. Due to the technical possibilities, we handle the process manually in the background. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Let us know the voucher code in the shopping cart via the note field "Add note". 

  2. Please select "Payment in advance" during the ordering process.

  3. submit order. 

  4. We take your voucher into account manually and apply it to your order. We will then send you a corrected invoice. 

  5. If the voucher value is not sufficient for your order, you will be billed for the difference, which you can pay using the existing payment options.

  6. If there is a residual value of your voucher, you will receive a new voucher for this residual value. We simply add it to your order. 


  • Redeem in the studio shop. Please show the digital gift card on your mobile phone or as a printout on paper when paying at the checkout. 

  • Redeem in the online shop. Please tick the "Redeem gift card" box under step "3 Payment" during the checkout process. Then enter the gift card code. The credit is automatically deducted from the invoice amount.




Further information

You can find the vouchers in our terms and conditions. Click here for the terms and conditions gift vouchers.

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