gift vouchers

We offer two different types of gift vouchers to give as gifts, the classic paper gift voucher for personal delivery and the digital gift card for immediate sending by email or at a specific date. 

Both variants can be redeemed in the studio shop or in the online shop. More information on redeeming can be found here >> .

Give it away immediately with the online gift card!

Geschenkkarte online versenden.

10 € - 200 €
Wähle einen Betrag aus, schreibe eine persönliche Nachricht an den Empfänger, wähle das Versanddatum und los geht's!...
10 €
20 €
25 €
30 €
40 €
50 €
75 €
100 €
125 €
150 €
175 €
200 €

Let us pack it lovingly for you!

Would you like to choose a gift yourself and have it sent directly to the recipient?
To do this, choose the card you want, give us your personal message to the recipient of the present and place it
  the  Packing service in the shopping cart.  We take care of the rest!
Please only note our delivery times. Depending on what you  order , the sewing machine or the printing press, for example, is then started up. Your recipient will receive a one-off production :-).

for personal delivery