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Directly from artists. 

Wir bedanken uns für euer Vertrauen
und euren großen  Zuspruch im
vergangenen Jahr und wünschen
allen ein

neues Jahr 2022!

Unser Atelierladen ist
vom 01.01.2022
bis 16.01.2022


Verschenke digital oder

Everything that makes your 4 walls special.
Your desired motif in your desired format.


Unique pieces made in our studio  develop.

Paintings, drawings &
artistic prints

Beautiful things
Meet our motives 
on handwork.




A world full of diversity.


As infinite as painting is, it is so infinite  playful 

Dealing with her.

A flower drawing becomes a bag design  or becomes an element of a painting  to a colored pattern. We have  Joy in creating the works of art and

these on the beautiful things in life  apply.

Whether unique, the favorite motif in the desired  Size as an art print or a pocket model  with desired motif and desired material, such as  E.g. real leather, so every single one becomes  something very special.

Custom-made & Handwork.


Unique items are something very special,

they arise in many hours of work

high quality materials.

Our reproductions and our rest

Assortment are also made with high quality

Materials made. We value  that our beautiful things - next to ours  Unique items - also something very special  become.


All designs are created in our

Atelier and are only available in small numbers  or made to order.


aside from that  we pay attention to quality and origin. Our  Products should be enjoyed by their owners for a long time  make. 




  • Art and beauty straight from the artist's studio. Unique items, reproductions such as art prints on canvas or paper as well as high-quality ART on's on beautiful things such as clothing, accessories and ceramics. We are happy to be there for you personally!


  • One-off production. Manual work. Even the small, beautiful things are only made after you have placed your order. This avoids overproduction and conserves resources. We pay attention to quality, high-quality materials and that these come from Europe. You will enjoy our products for a long time!


  • We ship free of charge from an order value of 80 euros within Germany. For shipping and packaging, we charge a flat rate of EUR 1.90 for orders below EUR 15 and a flat rate of EUR 3 for orders above EUR 15. Further information on shipping to the European Union and international shipping can be found here under Shipping & Returns. >>

  • Delivery time. Good things take time.   Due to the individual production when ordering and the manual work, the production and delivery times together add up to approx.

  • Many payment options. Pay with credit card, direct debit, Klarna Sofort, prepayment or PayPal.

  • Create a customer account with us. We always have exciting promotions for you. You keep your orders in mind and can create wish lists.


"... I look forward to further orders because your pictures are incredibly expressive and fully meet my taste!"


Andrea from Weinsberg


"... and I'm overjoyed! It looks fantastic! I don't even know what to say, everything fits perfectly, I can't even finish looking at the picture, it looks like you only painted it for this one wall."


Katja from Feldkirchen


"I can only recommend it from my own experience and my enthusiasm for the art of painting by Ms. Kolondam.
And a big thank you to the artist! Simply heavenly ... "


Peter from Munich